Wigner Function approach to analyse near-field emissions

by | Jul 12, 2016 | Seminar Talks

Speaker:  Deepthee Madenoor Ramapriya

Title: Wigner Function approach to analyse near-field emissions

Abstract: In nature and technology there are many of complex sources such as PCBs that emit electromagnetic radiation that is stochastic. The modelling of such radiation from complex sources is challenging and a long standing research issue. In our approach we use Wigner Distribution Function (WDF), which is a quasi-probability distribution that helps analyse radiation from complex sources statistically in phase space. We treat problems in which the complex sources are random and which therefore call for a statistical approach instead of a deterministic one. Our model helps characterize wave propagation both in the near field and far field. This is done by exploiting the relationship between the WDF and Correlation function (CF).  Though the model presented deals with free space propagation, this can be extended to complex environments such as electronic devices in enclosures etc. At the end we see that our theoretical model agrees well with the experimental data.