Update on Experimental Tests of the Random Coupling Model

by | Dec 15, 2016 | Seminar Talks

Speaker: Prof. Steven Anlage (Department of Physics, University of Maryland, College Park, USA)

Title: Update on Experimental Tests of the Random Coupling Model

Abstract: The Random Coupling Model (RCM) can treat a fairly wide class of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) problems of broad interest. We are now extending the RCM to include consideration of more realistic EMC scenarios, including multiple connected enclosures, each of which is ray chaotic. This situation is of particular relevance to ships and aircraft loaded with sophisticated electronics in multiple compartments. To test the RCM under such increasingly realistic scenarios we utilize a new scaled-down-in-size electromagnetic test setup. To leave Maxwell’s equations invariant we also scale up the frequency and conductivity of the walls of the enclosures. We present results on the statistical electromagnetic properties of scaled enclosures and compare to full-scale reference enclosures. To accomplish this comparison we must extend the RCM to include the effects of lossy ports through the inclusion of radiation efficiency.
A second recent project is the extension of the RCM to strongly nonlinear electromagnetic systems. We use an active nonlinear circuit to generate second harmonics in a ray-chaotic microwave enclosure. The RCM is used to predict the statistical properties of second harmonics through a generalization of the multiple enclosure formalism. The predictions are found to be in very good agreement with data on second harmonic voltage statistics.