Semiclassical prediction of resonance-assisted decay in mixed systems

by | May 18, 2017 | Seminar Talks

Speaker: Normann Mertig, Technische Universität Dresden & Tokyo Metropolitan University

Title: Semiclassical prediction of resonance-assisted decay in mixed systems

Abstract: Inspired by asymmetric optical cavities, we study open systems with a mixed phase space, where trajectories of regular and chaotic motion coexist. We focus on decay rates of long-lived metastable states which are semiclassically supported along regular trajectories and decay towards a leak in the chaotic region via dynamical tunneling. Here, we present a semiclassical prediction of such decay rates, for the regime of small wavelength, where the decay is considerably enhanced due to nonlinear resonance chains. The final result is a closed-form, analytic expression, which depends on just a few quantities of the regular phase-space region.