The Hawking effect in analog systems

by | Sep 1, 2017 | Seminar Talks

Speaker: Antonin Coutant (School of Mathematical Sciences)

Title: The Hawking effect in analog systems

Abstract: When the velocity of a flowing fluid surpasses the speed of waves, these propagate in exactly the same way as radiation near a black hole horizon. This analogy holds in many different media, from water waves to sound waves in Bose-Einstein condensates or light in nonlinear media. In all these systems, it is in theory possible to reproduce the analog of the Hawking effect of black holes. More surprisingly, if the flow accelerates, even below the threshold velocity, there is still an imprint of the Hawking effect, which has been experimentally observed in Vancouver and in Poitiers. I will first spend some time to describe the analogy, and what it means to reproduce the Hawking effect in analog systems. In a second part, I will show that when the flow is too slow, the imprint of the Hawking effect is governed by the presence of a complex horizon.