Radiation of Impulse-Like Waveforms with Illustrative Applications

by | Jun 5, 2016 | Seminar Talks

Speaker: Dave Giri (Pro-Tech, CA & Dept. of ECE, University of New Mexico, USA)

Title: Radiation of Impulse-Like Waveforms with Illustrative Applications

Abstract: Parabolic mirrors are useful in radiating impulse-like waveforms. The antenna subsystem consists of a paraboloidal-reflector illuminated by a pair of conical transmission lines. Because of the spherical TEM feed, this antenna is non-dispersive. For an applied fast-rising voltage function, the radiated electric field spectrum is fairly flat over two decades of frequencies. Some fundamental differences between frequency independent antennas (ex: log-periodic dipoles) and the present non-dispersive time-domain antennas will be discussed. Familiar concepts such as antenna gain, radiation pattern need to be redefined for time-domain antennas. Design, fabrication, working principles and performance of this class of antennas could be discussed. Such a radiating system has resulted in an emerging technology with many military and civilian applications, some of which will also be discussed.