Radiation pressure at the single-photon level

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Seminar Talks

Speaker: Tommaso Tufarelli, School of Mathematical Sciences

Title: Radiation pressure at the single-photon level: Exploring corrections to the linearised Optomechanical Hamiltonian

Abstract: I will start by qualitatively introducing the “Optomechanical Hamiltonian”. This is a very common quantum model of radiation pressure, featuring a single-mode electromagnetic cavity with an oscillating boundary. With a few exceptions, the literature so far has only explored the “linearised” version of this Hamiltonian, retaining only first-order effects in the light-matter coupling constant.
In the second part I will briefly describe our latest work [arXiv:1711.06688], in which we tried to capture radiation pressure effects that are beyond first order. We focused on the regime where the mechanical frequency is much lower than the cavity one, and compared two approaches that may be used to go beyond first order: (I) a widely used phenomenological Hamiltonian that conserves the photon number and (II) a two-mode truncation of a microscopic Hamiltonian model formulated by C.K. Law [Phys. Rev. A 51, 2537 (1995)].