Low frequency and dense mesh stable IBC-EFIE

by | Nov 12, 2017 | Seminar Talks

Speaker: Alexandre Dely

Title: Low frequency and dense mesh stable IBC-EFIE

Abstract: The Impedance Boundary Condition-Electric Field Integral Equation (IBC-EFIE) has several breakdowns that both increase the number of iterations needed to solve it and decrease the accuracy of the solution. These breakdowns include one at low frequency and another one with dense meshes that are the topics of this presentation. First, a vector spherical harmonics analysis is used to study the asymptotic behavior of the IBC-EFIE. Then, a preconditioner is designed to solve the low frequency and dense mesh breakdowns. It leverages the quasi-Helmholtz projectors to rescale in frequency and a Calderon-like preconditioning to solve the ill-conditioning due to the dense mesh discretization.
Finally, numerical results will demonstrate the effectiveness of the preconditioner.