Light-matter interaction in chaotic resonators

by | Mar 22, 2017 | Seminar Talks

Speaker: Changxu Liu

Title: Light-matter interaction in chaotic resonators

Abstract: Chaos is a complex dynamics with exponential sensitivity to the initial conditions. It is a ubiquitous phenomenon in Nature, from the gigantic oceanic waves to the disordered scales of white beetles at nanoscale. The presence of chaos is often unwanted in applications, as it introduces unpredictability, which makes it difficult to predict or explain experimental results. Inspired by how chaos permeates the natural world, this talk will focus on how the interaction between light and chaotic structure  can enhance the performance of photonics devices. With a proper design of the lighter-mater interaction in chaotic resonators, I illustrate how chaos can be used to enhance the ability of an optical cavity to store electromagnetic energy [1], localize light beyond the diffraction limit[2],  and realize a blackbody system composed of gold nanoparticles [3].

[1] Nature Photonics 7, 473–478 (2013).

[2] Nature Physics 11, 358–363 (2015).

[3] Nature Nanotechnology 11, 60–66 (2016)