Extreme-scale electromagnetic analysis integrating order and chaos

by | Nov 12, 2017 | Seminar Talks

Speaker: Zhen Peng

Title: Extreme-scale electromagnetic analysis integrating order and chaos

Abstract: Computational electromagnetics (CEM) is the heart of modern computer-aided analysis and design tools for advanced antennas, wireless channels, EM interference (EMI) and EM compatibility (EMC), signal and power integrity, and other applications. Nowadays, ever-increasing sophistications in EM systems and the continuous trend towards higher bit rates have been pushing the problem size towards extreme scales. Due to the enormous level of physical details and complexity, first-principles numerical analysis is very challenging and expensive. Moreover, in the high-frequency regime, the wave scattering process can be very sensitive to details. It results in a very high variability of wave distributions, and makes the deterministic solution relevant only to the specific realization. The seminar will present recent progress on investigating new computational tools to address the large-scale, multi-scale, and chaotic fidelity challenges in complex wave systems