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Wave Modeling Research Group based at the University of Nottingham

Wave chaos

Many of the methods and concepts used and developed in wave chaos can be applied to solve engineering problems…

Electromagnetic Field Modelling

Phase-space methods developed at WAMO such as the Dynamical Energy Analysis (DEA) are used to perform ray-tracing calculations in large, complex environments and thus provide the right tool for the telecommunication industry…

Vibro Acoustics at high frequencies

We propose a new approach towards determining the distribution of mechanical and acousticwave energy in complex built-up structures…

Wave Motion – a Fundamental Concept of Nature. Predicting the propagation of wave energy for high-frequency waves is a challenging task of fundamental importance in many engineering applications. These range from acoustics and vibrations in complex built-up structures such as cars and airplanes – think noise – to modelling electromagnetic radiation in the radio to the infrared spectrum with applications in telecommunication and heat transfer.  The Wave Modelling Research Group at the University of Nottingham uses advanced mathematical tools from wave asymptotics to wave chaos theory to solve engineering wave problems in an interdisciplinary collaboration between colleagues from the School of Mathematical Sciences, the George Green Institute for Electromagnetics Research, the Institute for Aerospace Technology, the Composites Research Group and the School of Physics and Astronomy.

Latest News

Dr Timo Hartmann left the group

Timo with the crew at his last supper in his favourite restaurant (Calcutta Club). Also present: Dave Thomas, Sendy Phang, Dimitrios Chronopoulos, Tamara Monti, Gabriele Gradoni, Valon Blakaj and Gregor Tanner.Dr Timo Hartmann left the group to continue his career in...

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Sendy Phang got lectureship at UoN

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that Dr Sendy Phang will be appointed as Assistant Professor at the School of Engineering. Sendy will join the George Green Institute for Electromagnetics Research from February 2019 onwards. Well done and all the best,...

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Seminar Talks