From the left: Johannes Russer (TU-Munich, Munich, Germany), Dmitry Savin (Brunel, London, UK), Christos Christopoulos (UoN, Nottingham, UK), Sidina Wane (eV-Technologies, France), Gregor Tanner (UoN, Nottingham, UK), Peter Russer (TU-Munich, Munich, Germany), Ulrich Kuhl (UNS, Nice, France), Gabriele Gradoni (UoN, Nottingham, UK), Stephen Creagh (UoN, Nottingham, UK), Timo Hartmann (UoN, Nottingham, UK), Philippe Meunier (NXP, Caen, France), Michael Haider (TU-Munich, Munich, Germany), Khalid Oubaha (UNS, Nice, France), Damienne Bajon, (ISAE, Toulouse, France), Dominique Défossez (NXP, Caen, France), Philippe Besnier (IETR, Rennes, France), Martin Richte (UoN, Nottingham, UK), Olivier Legrand (UNS, Nice, France), Rens Baggen (IMST, Kamp-Lintfort, Germany)

The third workshop “Nice-Nottingham Days of Waves in Complex Media” will be held from 18th to 20th July 2018 in Nice. This year, the workshop will be dedicated to transport of electromagnetic waves in complex environments, electromagnetic compatibility and random fields in the frame of the NEMF21 Horizon 2020 project. Keeping close to the spirit of this workshop, each presentation will be followed by a substantial amount of time dedicated to discussions. Further information about the workshop can be found under the workshop webpage – nnd2018.

Workshop Program

Wednesday, July 18, 2018


Thursday, July 19, 2018


 Friday, July 19, 2018